get pregnant after 35, how to improve egg quality

Wish to get pregnant after 35?

This website made for women who wish to increase chances of geting pregnant after 35.

The process of becoming a mother can sometimes be long and filled with waiting, anxiety and failures. Unlike women who become mothers in their 20ies, women over 35 may become faced with different issues:

How is getting pregnant with 35 different from getting pregnant with 30 or 40?

What can help you get pregnant after 35? How to increase fertility?

I believe that women should care about maximizing the quality of their eggs.

On this website, you will find valuable information which will motivate you to rethink and actively improve your current reproductive strategies.

All articles are written in a plain and straightforward language and are backed up by scientific research and clinical studies.


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This site represents one woman scientist’s opinions on issues surrounding female fertility, parenting and why things sometimes aren’t as easy as we expect them to be. As I have several more interests, on this site you may find texts about different issues in medicine, evolution and nutrition.