Melatonin helps improve egg quality? A review of recent evidence

Melatonin helps improve egg quality in IVF: Recent evidence Many women undergoing IVF often take melatonin in addition to other supplements, in a hope to improve egg quality before the treatment. In my counselling sessions, I was asked several times how much melatonin should be taken given that doctors seem to recommend anything between 300 µg and 10 mg?! I know research evidence which clearly showed several years back that melatonin can work synergistically in [...]

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My employers asked about my maternity plans. I wish I had told them this.

The information contained in this article is not legal advice. Rather, the article contains my own thoughts and experiences, as well as some inconvenient truths. In my experience, all employers will try to uncover the status of your private life. Here are some of the conclusions I came to. Photo credit: ambro at How to handle inappropriate interview questions Are you planning on getting pregnant any time soon? This question is the one [...]

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The best exercises for women who are trying to conceive: Interview with Sia Cooper from Diary of a Fit Mommy

I was glad when Sia Cooper, founder and owner of Diary of a Fit Mommy connected with me and showed interest in my blog. I knew immediately that I wanted to talk to her more, because Sia is an expert in a topic which I will address more in the future: how to best prepare your body for pregnancy and giving birth.  Sia Cooper is a personal trainer, a proud mama of two young children, and [...]

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How to live a fertility-friendly life

Recently, Helen Lindop (from BusinesPlusBaby) and I talked about realities of female fertility and getting pregnant over the age of thirty-five. What is it that women should do better? Do we sufficiently understand the mechanics of our fertility cycles and biological clocks? Here is how the conversation went: Helen: Can a woman do anything to improve her fertility after the age of 35? And why do some doctors say the fertility of a women works [...]

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What kind of man make good fathers?

What kind of man make good fathers? The first morning that I woke up next to my ex-husband, I realized that he could never be a good father and that we would never have a family together. I just knew it. But why did I marry him? The answer is simple - he was popular, smart, a good writer, good in bed, and he fell love with me during a very sensitive time in my [...]

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Should you use basal body temperature to determine ovulation?

I've been delaying writing this post for months – probably longer. Maybe I thought that women all around the world will give up on BBT charting altogether because there are better methods than measuring basal temperature to determine ovulation. But no one seems to be tired of BBT temping. On the contrary, the market is flourishing with fancy fertility apps and many women I’m coaching tell me they have detailed charts of their cycles. Are [...]

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Why are healthy snacks so difficult to find?

As I walked through a nearby park this morning, I had the impression of seeing only two kinds of people: either very fit ones who were typically jogging and working on becoming even skinnier, or obese ones, simply passing through the park. This reminded me that the holiday season is about to begin and that soon, I will be making efforts every day to not gain weight around my waist by not being able to fight [...]

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Am I infertile? This is how you can tell

Getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby seems like the most natural thing in the world. And yet sometimes it doesn’t happen. Some women will conceive the moment they first try (or even with no planning at all) while some will wait for months and years to experience this joy. Wouldn’t it be good to know to which group you will belong? To know whether there might be any troubles coming up on [...]

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