egg quality specialist consult fertility expertDear ladies, thank you very much for your letters, questions and support. Each one of your voices and your comments over the past years has helped me to build a better website. For that I feel very grateful.

But most of all, thank you for letting me have a glimpse of many of your fertility journeys and asking for my opinion; I felt honoured every single time.

Lately, I am getting more questions and emails that I can respond to in my free time. So I want to propose the following: Please contact me as explained here, make a simple Pay-Pal donation and we’ll schedule a video Skype-session as soon as possible.



Too keep the expectations reasonable, here is a reminder of what I DO understand well:

  • Improving chances to get pregnant naturally, by means of improving egg quality. If you have a question on which interventions of your personal lifestyle, diet, or supplementing strategy would increase your chances to get pregnant, or counteract poor egg quality, it might be a good idea to talk to me. Some more questions would be: How do I apply CoQ10 (or any other supplement) to improve egg quality? At which dosages and for how long? What is the real, scientific evidence behind supplements? Should I take herbs? Can acupuncture help me get pregnant? What should I do in order to improve my egg health and get pregnant faster?

What I can’t do: as mentioned over on the website and in the Discaimer, I am not entitled to give medical advice. For all questions concerning diseases, medications, dosages etc. you must consult a medical specialist.

Please find more information here (click on the link). 

See you on Friday!

With love,