So many men with low and weak sperm counts. Why?

Image credit: nenetus at In the past months, I have had several occasions to talk with male fertility experts and I always use this opportunity to ask whether it's true that the sperm quality of men in Western countries is in decline? Do doctors notice any of that in their daily practice? I personally notice that many - maybe as many as 50% - of the women I work with say their partners [...]

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What can cause a man to be infertile: Things about male fertility you need to know

While at the workshop at the Dexeus University Clinic in Barcelona, Spain, I had a chance to talk to the head of the Andrology Department, Dr. Alvaro Vives. I thought he would not find much time for my questions or show interest in my blog. Dexeus is a busy clinic and it's not just any andrology department that they have - it's where the first andrological services were offered in 1960s and where most sophisticated [...]

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Which supplements support male fertility? It depends on different things and here is how you can decide

  Ever since I started this blog about three years ago, women have asked me why I blog only about female fertility? I always said how I believe it's important to focus on the topic you feel most passionate about. This is because it takes time to read scientific studies, understand and compare data, and put them in a form that most people would understand. Female fertility, especially for women over 35, is a complex [...]

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Why most husbands hate sperm tests?

Most men are reluctant to talk about sperm testing. Image credit: ambro at Let's face it: most men hate getting their sperm tested. Or are at best reluctant about their semen being taken a closer look at. While impatiently waiting to get pregnant, infertile women tend to suffer in isolation. At some point, they tend to put most of their friends and family on the distance, and sometimes even their partner, with [...]

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Home-run sperm tests: basics

Home-run sperm tests are very easy to use. Image credit gualberto107 at Just like the pregnancy tests for women, that needs a few drops of urine of the woman who wants to check for pregnancy, home-run sperm tests for men work in a very similar fashion. To carry out the check, the man (or woman!) has to simply mix his semen to a solution, and then put a few drops of the [...]

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