You’ll love me for this list: Fertility-related products I’ve been using for years

Instead of buying tons of Christmas presents and stuff no one really needs, this year you may want to get a few things that actually can help to get and to stay pregnant. And for good luck, maybe even one or two items you will immediately need after the baby is there. Regardless of whether you just started working on your baby project, or you’ve been struggling for a while, I’d have a few recommendations to [...]

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Why buying expensive CoQ10 makes sense and you should save money somewhere else

In 1978, British scientist Peter Mitchell received a Nobel Prize for his contribution to the understanding of biological energy transfer and his hypothesis about the role of CoQ10 in the transfer of energy in the mitochondria. While Peter Mitchell was not the first to discover CoQ10 (its original discovery is contributed to Frederick L. Crane), his studies revealed that CoQ10 is a naturally occurring nutrient and plays an essential role in the electron transport chain [...]

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Trying to conceive but forgetting about vitamin D? Great.

My kids at the Christmas Market in Berlin. Yes, THAT one. (In cooperation with PharmaNord) I hate winter in Berlin and don't see any reason why not to hate winter in Berlin. I could count over a dozen reasons for it and the first one is the fact that winter in Berlin lasts for about six months each year. And as much as I try to at least like Christmas now that we [...]

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Fish or supplements? How to get enough omega-3 when TTC

When it comes to getting pregnant, there is no magic food that will help turn a bad egg into a good embryo. However, there are types of nutrition that are beneficial and scientifically proven to increase pregnancy chances, such as the Mediterranean diet and the Fertility diet (as published by Harvard researchers in 2008). I've dedicated an entire chapter in my book to these two types of diet and the scientific evidence behind it and [...]

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Which supplements support male fertility? It depends on different things and here is how you can decide

  Ever since I started this blog about three years ago, women have asked me why I blog only about female fertility? I always said how I believe it's important to focus on the topic you feel most passionate about. This is because it takes time to read scientific studies, understand and compare data, and put them in a form that most people would understand. Female fertility, especially for women over 35, is a complex [...]

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Menstrual pain sucks. Luckily, there are things that help. Here’s one.

(In cooperation with PharmaNord) In this article from a few weeks ago I wrote about how women all over the world hate having periods and we've discussed the reasons why women bleed every month. Today, I would like us to look at one insightful study I recently found on the topic of menstrual discomfort, and also mention a few things that are scientifically proven to help. Menstrual pain is caused by hormones called prostaglandins. The most [...]

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How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant

As I'm updating this post (September 2017), my book is still at the top of the category Sexual and Reproductive health on Amazon. Upon the release in late 2014, it reached the #1 position quite quickly and mostly remained there for the past three years. Thank you all for reading and supporting my work with your wonderful reviews!   Finally! My new book baby is out. It's called: How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart [...]

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