FSH home-test (fertility test): you can use it but make sure to know this

One of the most important hormones telling a women how many eggs she has left is FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). In recent years, several home tests have been developed as a convenient means to check fertility at home. Such tests are similar to pregnancy test strips, meaning it's really very easy to use them. Testing should be performed on cycle day 3. Ideally, you will test several cycles in a row.   FSH testing at [...]

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How to read my E-book on improving egg quality: Know your options, but don’t panic

As much as I love to get feedback about my e-book (which made it to the #1 Kindle in its category on Amazon), I sometimes still get confused by the messages you send to me. Several ladies claimed in their reviews to have read the book in a single day and praise my writing to be simple and easy to understand. Some other readers say, however, there is too much science in the book and it [...]

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What factors affect fertility and eggs as women get older?

  Women put off becoming mothers because they're focused on their careers, working toward advanced degrees, or travelling the world. Or at least that's what the mass media say. I don't think so. Most women over 35 actually hide behind these issues as long as they can because that's what helps them avoid confronting the real #1 problem. Namely, it has become increasingly difficult to find and keep a relationship that can sustain a child [...]

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How to increase egg quality at 40? Understand your eggs first

Image courtesy: suat eman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Just yesterday I got a following email. I'm taking a quote out it, to illustrate something I often get to hear: I have found your blog in Internet and I have been reading it nonstop for 2 days. It is very interesting and enriching, thanks a lot for this information! And thank you again for your work! I think the knowledge you are spreading is very valuable. [...]

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How to trust in your eggs and get pregnant naturally after 35

Image courtesy: stuart miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net I always feel sad when I see women abandoning natural methods of improving egg quality only because they entered fertility treatments, or losing faith in their bodies once they turned 35 or have been trying to get pregnant longer than a few months. There's really no need to. After having researched the topic of improving egg quality for several years (and after coping with my own low ovarian reserve and [...]

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How can I improve egg quality? With some time and dedication!

While it’s true that the younger you are, the better quality eggs you have (and with this better chances to get pregnant), it's problematic in our society for a young woman to gather together the resources necessary to raise and provide for a child. More and more we tend to delay finding a permanent mate. Instead, we develop careers, build security, and basically lay-in supplies for a multiyear commitment to raising a child. The problem with that strategy [...]

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Poor egg quality can be improved

Image courtesy of sommai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Do you have reasons to think you may have poor egg quality? Are you are struggling to conceive due to your age of over 35, high FSH, or any unexplained cause? There is really no need to feel desperate. It is still possible to become pregnant, and the best is that there are many things you can do yourself to make that happen. Real ways to improve egg health It [...]

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The most natural way to improve egg quality goes like this

Image courtesy: kamnuan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net If you are over 35 or trying to get pregnant for a longer time (or both!), you probably wonder whether there is anything you could do in order to boost your egg quality. Are there any foods or supplements which women can take for a certain time which will help them improve their eggs? Especially those who are in preparation for the next IVF or IUI - delivering good [...]

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