What I wish I had understood about fertility when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

This post was originally written by Alanna Lawley and published at her wonderful blog Foodadit, where members of a vibrant community in Berlin share they health experiences. Alanna and I are currently working on an in-depth article about improving egg quality for women with thyroid issues. Please meet Alanna and her personal story on thyroid and infertility. Alanna's story Since 2008 I have been working to heal an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which led to an underactive [...]

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Nutrition and adrenal health: Here’s what Nicole from Healthy Mom Handbook says about it

Most all expectant women want a healthy baby, unfortunately there isn’t enough information out there on how important mom’s adrenal health is prior to and during pregnancy. Lowered adrenal function and adrenal fatigue are ubiquitous today among men and women, especially pregnant women. If a mother is experiencing adrenal fatigue she will birth babies with weakened adrenals, which means they are born immunocompromised and more prone to infections. Adrenal dysfunction can cause preeclampsia, high blood pressure [...]

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How to find a sperm or egg donor: Interview with Erika Tranfield from PrideAngel

During a recent Fertility Fair in Berlin I had a chance to speak to Erica Tranfield from the Pride Angel. PrideAngel is an unusual website, kind of a "dating service" which brings together egg donors, sperm donors and co-parents online. On the website, it is possible to get an onsite-mail, create a profile and search for thousands of members and communicate with them safely. Can you imagine something like that to exist in Germany? I certainly can't. Me: [...]

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Gay parenthood in Germany: Interesting services at Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Recently, I had a chance to speak to Dr. Brandon Bankowsky from the Oregon Reproductive Medicine and one of the co-organizers of the Fertility Fair 2017 in Berlin. Given the bad press that this conference received in local newspapers (Germany is known for its strict Embryo Protection Act which doesn't allow many fertility treaments such as egg donation, surrogacy, also PGS is performed only under special circumstances), so I was duying to talk to him and hear about [...]

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Fertility treatments in Turkey (and why Turkish women believe that onions help while trying to conceive)

During a recent fertility conference in Berlin, I spoke to numerous fertility experts, but only at the Turkish booth did it feel like home to me. Or, more precisely, it felt like sitting in my own kitchen - a peaceful, comfortable world, untouched by the hectic surroundings. Would I like a coffee? No? Then have a chocolate. Sit down. Let's talk. Let's figure things out. This is how I started taking to Dr. Teksen Camlibel [...]

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Expert interview: What an embryologist from an IVF lab says about when women should start having babies and why

During the workshop at a spanish fertility clinic, I took the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Fina Gomez, a leading embryologist in the IVF lab. I asked her the kind of questions that we discuss here on the blog; I wanted my readers to hear a real person speak about real issues related to infertility of women over 35.   Interview with an embryologist from an IVF lab: What's the best age to [...]

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The dream of having twins: What are the risks and what an IVF expert from a top fertility clinic told me

We've discussed in the last post how many women, especially those older than 35 or undergoing IVF treatments, wish to get pregnant with twins and I promised to further elaborate on that. Is it possible to boost chances of having twins? There are, indeed, ways of increasing the chance to conceive with twins: by certain lifestyle interventions and/or by artificial reproductive technologies. But, before you take advantage of either approach (and they possibly kick in, [...]

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My week at Dexeus, one of the top fertility-clinics in Europe

My mother was born here. I was born here. My two daughters were born here, says Sofia Veiga, international manager at the Dexeus Clinic for Women's Health with lots of emotion in her voice. This is how people normally talk about dear places from their childhood, but rarely about a university clinic, right? But Dexeus, in Barcelona, is an exception. About a year ago, I met several of Dexeus co-workers at a conference in Germany. We [...]

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