Expert interview : How egg donation works in real life

Dr. Elizabet Clua Dr. Elisabeth Clua has blue eyes and blonde hair. One could easily think she looks like a typical German doctor. Only that she is not. Elisabeth is Spanish and a leading expert in reproductive biology. Her daily job is egg donation or, more precisely, matching donated eggs (from healthy, young women) with their recipients (older, infertile women). In even more simple terms, Elisabeth identifies the “right” biological mothers for couples [...]

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In a conversation with two egg donation experts

  Dexeus is known for the first egg donation in 1981. A few months back, I was lucky to meet several dedicated doctors and biologists from Dexeus clinic in Barcelona at a conference for Reproductive Medicine in Germany. I used this opportunity to make an interview with the two specialists and forward questions to them that women from my blog often ask me during our counseling sessions. I love talking with experts [...]

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Aspirin and heparin to help implantation: Yes or No?

Image credit: atibodyphoto at The moment a woman has one or two unsuccessful series of  IVF behind her, she becomes ready to do anything, really anything to make the next IVF cycle work. Many of the women I talk to have a long history of fertility treatments, so the question that often comes up is whether taking a low dose of aspirin (so called baby-aspirin) from embryotransfer onwards - until the positive [...]

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What REALLY happens when egg fuses with sperm cell

Honestly, I never really wondered what exactly happens in a moment when egg and sperm unite. I assumed, science would know all about it; for such an important event one would expect tons of literature describing every millisecond of it, right? Or at least a handful of studies demonstrating what happens in the moment of creation, a moment that each and every one of us went through? A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, an artist, [...]

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Which CoQ10 is best for fertility: Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone?

Some weeks ago I received one of the best comments on my blog so far (thank you Iva Stankovic!). This is what Iva asked me: Dear Darja, first of all, I liked very much your book about improving egg quality in women over 35, it's informative and motivational, thank you for writing it! As you may know, there is another book on the same topic available Amazon called "It starts with the egg". The author says [...]

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Fertility bloodwork: 7 hormones which are most important for fertility

Image credit: Tuomas Lehtinen at What hormones are tested for fertility? This happens to me often: a woman writes to me and tells me all about her fertility journey and asks a ton of questions. Then I say: all right, but could you please send me your recent bloodwork? Then the woman sends me a ton of data: all the stimulation protocols she's been through, her husband's sperm values, all kinds of [...]

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Is it possible to increase AMH levels?

Image credit: hadkhanong at AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) is a hormone secreted in the granulosa cells (satellite cells which surround eggs) and its robustness and stability throughout the cycle makes it the most important parameter in terms of predicting ovarian reserve. A simple blood test taken on any day of the cycle will give you this important information (best is at day 3 because you can measure several more hormones at this point). [...]

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Diagnosed with low ovarian reserve? A little story about how this blog started.

Image courtesy: jscreationzs at Getting pregnant always looked like something that happens easily, so I've spent decades believing that (and doing everything possible to make it not happen). When I only think of all the sex I did not enjoy because I was subconsciously busy calculating my fertile days and obsessing about condoms not being safe enough... The moment I started trying to get pregnant, everything went wrong. I will never forget [...]

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