Gluten sensitivity and infertility

Image courtesy of Kelli Wong Photography at Stomachs of some genetically susceptible people just can't stand gluten. After such individuals eat gluten (a protein hard to avoid as it's contained in wheat, barley and rye), they develop all kinds of gastrointestinal problems, but also other manifestations, such as joint pain, fatigue, depression, and infertility. As the matter of fact, bodies of some pe0ple become so disturbed by gluten,  that they develop celiac disease [...]

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Can probiotics increase your fertility? Very likely.

Today, I would like to only quickly address one issue I wrote about a few years ago, but only now we start to see more articles addressing one important issue: Conception and our gut bacteria. A quick reminder to start with: Gut bacteria (often called gut microbiome) are not only very important for digestion, they are also many; around 2kg of bacteria we carry around in our gut. It is estimated that our guts have tens of trillions bacteria, with [...]

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Have PCOS? Lose weight to get pregnant faster

Image credit: marin at Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a set of symptoms that arises due to elevated male hormone levels in women. Among signs pointing to PCOS are: 1) Irregular periods (mention this to your doctor if it happens more than twice within one year), 2) Higher androgen levels (detectable on a blood test) and 3) Polycystic ovaries (detectable by ultrasound). Most women with PCOS grow cysts of varying sizes on [...]

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Extra-weight does decrease your chances of getting pregnant

Image courtesy: marin at I will start this post by telling a little secret. In my counseling sessions, I sometimes insist on having video chats on Skype, for the reason that I like to see the women I'm talking to. Why do I need to see them? Because even when they're directly asked, women will not really admit their extra weight, and we can spend a lot of time discussing where things can [...]

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Mediterranean, Harvard Fertility-Diet, low-carb, Paleo? What did I eat during the time I was trying to get pregnant and why?

Image credit: apolonia at We are physiologically adapted to a varied diet without too much sugar, without toxins and additives, and we can cope with irregular meals, or even occasional hunger. Yes, hunger. Please take one breath and try to imagine that 99% of our evolutionary time has passed with such nutritional rhythm. This is a very long time during which nature has had many opportunities for trial and error; however, we [...]

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While Low-carb and Paleo-diet might help increase fertility naturally there is one thing to be aware of

My husband loves to cook paleo As you can read all over my blog, there are at least two diet styles that are scientifically proven to increase fertility in women. These are the Mediterranean diet with its many fertility benefits published over the last years and the Harvard Fertility-diet, which works particularly well in women with ovulatory disorders. But many women have realized that there are huge overlaps between the two eating styles, as well as [...]

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Could some aspects of the Paleo-diet help increase fertility?

One option that is becoming increasingly popular and discussed in terms of increasing natural fertility as well as maximizing health in general, is so-called Paleolithic or Paleo nutrition. This oldest way of eating has only been “discovered” in recent years, its direct effects on pregnancy rates of those who are trying to conceive have not yet been the focus of systematic clinical studies.   A Paleo approach to fat and reducing weight is helpful Due to its [...]

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Conceive faster with the Mediterranean diet

Image credit: apolonia at There are some pretty crazy ideas out there in the world, such as if you sleep with a knife under your mattress you’ll have a boy child. Utterly ridiculous but people in some cultures do it. Also the doggy style position is recommended to couples who wish to conceive a boy (which is probably equally crazy, but at least not so dangerous to try). There is certainly no science, nor any [...]

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