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What previous clients have said about my counselling


Thandi, UK: I am in my 40s and am trying to conceive. I have been reading a lot about increasing egg quality, but talking to you was by far more useful than any of the resources. For the past 3 months, I have been taking the supplements suggested by you and I now ovulate regularly. This has been confirmed by Clear Blue fertility monitor I am using. So thank you ever so much for the information you’ve given to me.


Amalia, USA: It was reassuring to speak to someone who understands the scientific background of my diagnosis and the impact of the medications and supplements I am taking on my body. I feel like so many people with infertility issues are left confused about how to move forward. You were able to provide me with direction, support, and renewed hope in my journey. At first, I was unsure if I should reach out, but am so happy I did. Thank you for your quick response, encouragement, and genuine interest. I feel comforted knowing there is someone who understands and is available to help answer my questions.


Frankie, USA: Thank you for making yourself available for 1:1 sessions. It felt great talking to you, thank you so much for answering all the difficult questions asked by my husband and myself…Thank you for all your help so far Darja, we look forward talking to you again!


Kumaresa, India: My wife is now 40. This is our second time doing IVF. This time, we managed to get 4 eggs with excellent quality. All developed into embryos and were frozen on day 3 for later implantation. The lab folks said all embryos looked very good (compact, even, no fragmentation). I certainly feel that all of this was only possible with the guidance you have given us six months ago. We are very thankful for you!


Christina, Spain: I’ve loved our conversation today. It’s not only what you tell, the way you do it is amazing! I felt as if I were having a conversation with an old friend who was trying hard to help me in this difficult journey.


Eleonora, Italy: Suddenly, when I’ve almost lost all my faith in becoming pregnant by ART, you appeared. Thank you for your rewarding advices! Now I feel that it’s possible to become pregnant with my own eggs. I’ll keep you updated 🙂


Denisse, Peru: I loved the friendly and open way I talked to you, Darja! I felt comfortable to tell her my doubts. You had so much patience and understanding when answering any questions. Thank you!


Aida, Bosnia: Talking to Darja is like talking to an old knowledgeable friend. Her guidance has been precious in one particularly difficult moment, allowing me to trust myself and my inner self.


fertility coach advice

A few hellos from the ladies who got pregnant


Sheila, US: I cannot believe it but I got a positive on my home pregnancy test today! I am cautiously optimistic that it will all go well. Happened totally naturally. Had almost given up on trying naturally. Will be calling my doctor tomorrow to see if there is anything special they want me to do. Hopefully my HcG keeps raising and things progress well. I just felt like I wanted to tell you! Thank you again for your encouraging words. Now I know I was on the right track!


Cyfrin, USA: I am happy to say that I am five weeks pregnant. I feel great except for the usually early pregnancy symptoms. THANK YOU for your help!


Helen, USA: I’ve been following the advice from your wonderful blog for the past 6 months. I had a frozen embryo transfer on August 16th. Beta HCG pregnancy test came positive 240,9 on the 10th and 1086 on the 13th day of embryo transfer…It is still too early, I know, but just wanted to let you know and say, thank you.


Sylwia, Polen: I am writing to let you know that after supplementing for 7 months and after miscarriage after IVF, I am happy to say I am pregnant…I want to thank you for your help an advice with supplements because I strongly believe it helped me a lot.


About my blog in general


Nazlie, USA: First of all you are totally awesome. I LOVE your site. I am a PhD biologist myself and really appreciate your scientific approach.


C.J., USA: I really enjoyed exploring your blog and it’s fantastic content. I truly believe you have an excellent blog that leverages your Ph.D. credentials to provide a unique approach regarding reproductive health and fertility nutrition.


Jennie, USA: Thank you so much on behalf of woman everywhere for being there for so many woman who have very few places to turn to for support and education on this (sometimes tabu) topic.


Katie, USA: Thank you Darja Wagner for sharing so much precious information with us! I will send you a picture of my first born!


Inna, Singapore: Somehow with all these celebs getting pregnant at 45 we all lose a sense of reality. Spreading the real knowledge about fertility is extremely important, thank you for doing that!


Jasmine, Germany: I love your articles, Darja! I feel that I have so much respect for you as a scientist, human, adviser, advocate. One day I would like to meet you personally and to thank you for all your support.


Hannah, Australia: I have been very impressed with your website and blog and the depth of information you provide and knowledge you possess in this area is wonderful.


Nan, Australia: Your knowledge and experience and your passion is impressive.


Inna, Sweden: I have found your blog in Internet and I have been reading it nonstop for 2 days. It is very interesting and enriching, thanks a lot for this information! I think the knowledge you are spreading is very valuable.


Nina, Tbilisi: Thank you very much for the enormously useful information I got from your site, it gave me a detailed plan how to maximize quality of my eggs and lots of hope that I will become a mother soon.


Fiona, Uganda: I enjoy your blog, the tips you give are eye opening.


About my book How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnat (available on Amazon here):


Mojgan, USA: I read your book and I absolutely loved it! I loved the fact that it was so complete and at the same time so simple to understand.


Lisa, USA: I posted a five star review of your book on Amazon, but want to say once again THANK YOU for the work you have done to get information on how cutting edge supplementation can change fertility. I don’t think I would have had a chance without the extensive supplementation, diet and exercise program that both my husband and I are on. We worship our health and love our lives. Thank you for sharing what you know with the world.


Michelle, USA: I found your book extremely helpful and I’m already incorporating some of your advice into my daily life. I particularly liked how straightforward your book is. The chapters are concise and the information explained simply, which is what I wanted. My goal was to get through the information as quickly as possible and get started. I don’t need huge amounts of information and I felt that you had given enough to establish the validity of everything you recommend.


Susan, USA: I hope many other women do read and review your book. I think it’s terribly sad that women aren’t aware of what they can do to help their fertility. I have seen for myself how difficult and confusing it can be for a woman over 35 to find the correct information on the internet.


Andy and Susie, Australia: Thank you so much for your wonderful book, which we found to be a great educational resource. We found the section on supplements, including CoQ10 very helpful.


Mark and wife, USA: This book consolidates the information from hundreds of medical and scientific papers. It provides essential information to couples who want to get pregnant especially at later stages of life. The information contained in this book will probably not be given to you by your ivf clinic, however it is essential to your success.


Annie, USA: Although I believed the research I have done has made me aware of most of the information related to infertility, I truly enjoyed your book, and have learned many new things that helped me get confident that soon my little one will soon have a brother or sister!

Here you will find many more reviews of my top-rated book.

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