One pleasant way to cut tension while trying to get pregnant is the fertility massage.

For this, you can hire a practitioner, or watch one of the many good YouTube videos (like one above!) on how to perform a fertility massage.

In my opinion, women have a better feeling of their own abdomen themselves and can probably relax better in the sauna after a workout, or in the privacy of their own bathroom.

So how can fertility massage help you get pregnant?

Massaging your ovaries, uterus, and the whole abdomen is best done in the days prior to ovulation.

If done right, it may help the digestion, elimination of toxins from the body, and ease the blood flow to the ovaries.

We are genetically programmed to be afraid of seeing blood or even thinking about it. This is sometimes a pity, as blood means life, food, and air for your every cell. Instead of imagining blood, you can take a deep breath and visualize waves of positive energy reaching your ovaries. Imagine your eggs waking up, and try to connect with them and send them love.

Tell them it is OK to be pregnant. Tell this also to the rest of your body.

Keep repeating this from cycle to cycle. Touch your own inner walls. Visualize the inside of your uterus as a sunny beach and welcome the embryo to find its place in the sand.

Meet your past and your present.Help your body find its way to health and this will often be the way to maximal fertility as well.