2 weeks waitWhen you are trying to get pregnant, you become impatient to see a positive test result. But how to cut anxiety and survive the 2-week waiting time?

By 1) searching for information, 2) searching for emotional support, and 3) doing a few more extras.

You search for all kinds of information, day and night, applying hardly any selection criteria. Ladies from internet forums become your family during this time. Which is OK – internet forums are a great source of information and support while you are waiting to get pregnant. But you should not expect much. Fertility forums are nothing more then a quick hug, like a virtual touch coming from women who are in the same life situation as you are.

If you are not selective, or expect too much, or search internet in order to understand your medical condition, then you might soon be left frustrated, or even feel how fear and anxiety buttons in your head and heart fire on.

Humans are individuals and unexpected things sometimes happen, meaning that there is pretty much no horror experience or twisted opinion which one can’t find on the internet. If you want real knowledge, stick with university pages, top-rated books, sources like Mayo Clinic and scientific publications.

However, no source should be blindly trusted. Noise is all around and not even top research is free of it. Nobody is in possession of the Holy Grail of truth. Knowledge which is based on archeological records and natural laws is reliable, and for that reason I spend much of my time researching and trying to understand women’s lives and fertility from the Stone Age until about ten thousand years ago. If you have any infertility condition and want to learn more about it, pay attention to double-blind, randomized and placebo controlled clinical studies involving many participants.

pregnancy test waitIn addition to searching for information and emotional support, here are a few more things which are equally important during the 2-weeks waiting time. 

  • Relax. This means, do nothing. Or if you absolutely MUST remain active, then with things which make you feel well.
  • Don’t obsess about early pregnancy symptoms. They are like Yeti from Hymalaya anyway – many claim to have seen them, but nobody is certain they really exist in the earliest phase. If you have a headache, feel dizzy, or having other weird sensations, it is probably your anxiety, or your PMS. Your baby is still a way too small to feel it and may still be swimming around in your uterus, looking for a right spot to attach.
  • Do whatever it takes to let worries go. While you can’t do anything to make yourself pregnant once the ovulation is over, you can increase the chances that embryo attaches to your uterus if you are calm, stress-free, and simply go on with life as usual. Get busy, cover yourself with work, or with pleasure, or with art, possibilities are endless and use them before the kids arrive and take away all your available time and resources.

On the average, it takes about one year for a healthy couple to conceive a baby. Those who succeed earlier will make sure to let everybody know, those who don’t will make sure to convince everyone they aren’t working on getting pregnant. That’s why most women tend to believe that getting pregnant happens fast.