Expert interview : How egg donation works in real life

Dr. Elizabet Clua Dr. Elisabeth Clua has blue eyes and blonde hair. One could easily think she looks like a typical German doctor. Only that she is not. Elisabeth is Spanish and a leading expert in reproductive biology. Her daily job is egg donation or, more precisely, matching donated eggs (from healthy, young women) with their recipients (older, infertile women). In even more simple terms, Elisabeth identifies the “right” biological mothers for couples [...]

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Expert interview: What an embryologist from an IVF lab says about when women should start having babies and why

During the workshop at a spanish fertility clinic, I took the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Fina Gomez, a leading embryologist in the IVF lab. I asked her the kind of questions that we discuss here on the blog; I wanted my readers to hear a real person speak about real issues related to infertility of women over 35.   Interview with an embryologist from an IVF lab: What's the best age to [...]

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FSH home-test (fertility test): you can use it but make sure to know this

One of the most important hormones telling a women how many eggs she has left is FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). In recent years, several home tests have been developed as a convenient means to check fertility at home. Such tests are similar to pregnancy test strips, meaning it's really very easy to use them. Testing should be performed on cycle day 3. Ideally, you will test several cycles in a row.   FSH testing at [...]

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Trying to conceive but forgetting about vitamin D? Great.

My kids at the Christmas Market in Berlin. Yes, THAT one. (In cooperation with PharmaNord) I hate winter in Berlin and don't see any reason why not to hate winter in Berlin. I could count over a dozen reasons for it and the first one is the fact that winter in Berlin lasts for about six months each year. And as much as I try to at least like Christmas now that we [...]

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The dream of having twins: What are the risks and what an IVF expert from a top fertility clinic told me

We've discussed in the last post how many women, especially those older than 35 or undergoing IVF treatments, wish to get pregnant with twins and I promised to further elaborate on that. Is it possible to boost chances of having twins? There are, indeed, ways of increasing the chance to conceive with twins: by certain lifestyle interventions and/or by artificial reproductive technologies. But, before you take advantage of either approach (and they possibly kick in, [...]

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Why do women over 35 often wish to have twins? Which practices are used to increase the chances of having twins?

Some years back while I was trying to get pregnant with my first child, I participated in Qi-Gong classes with a group of women who dealt with infertility. Once a week after our Qi-Gong session, we would go out for a drink afterwards and update each other on the progress of our fertility journeys. I remember I once said how I would welcome to get pregnant with twins. I'm a biologist and fascinated by the phenomenon [...]

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Fish or supplements? How to get enough omega-3 when TTC

When it comes to getting pregnant, there is no magic food that will help turn a bad egg into a good embryo. However, there are types of nutrition that are beneficial and scientifically proven to increase pregnancy chances, such as the Mediterranean diet and the Fertility diet (as published by Harvard researchers in 2008). I've dedicated an entire chapter in my book to these two types of diet and the scientific evidence behind it and [...]

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What your mom’s menopause tells about your own fertility

A tricky thing about determining how many eggs a woman has left is combining the findings from your blood work with medical history and physical examination to arrive at a complete picture. Although a simple measure of FSH on cycle day 3 in either a home test or at the doctor's office will give you a rough estimate of what's going on, taking a smarter approach on such an important matter is of course much better. What do [...]

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