///Do you eat a balanced diet? Really?

Do you eat a balanced diet? Really?


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What you eat affects your chances to get pregnant

From the perspective of someone who has dealt with vitamins and hormones for over a decade, I am convinced that it is not a good idea to rely on the claims of the food industry that eating “a balanced diet“ will provide all the nutrients that our bodies need. What does a “balanced diet” mean, beyond being a phrase?

Who feels they know what their individual needs are?

Who is telling us what to eat, and based on which evidence?

Our lifestyle has changed radically over the past hundreds of years and our eating habits have become completely disconnected from anything practiced by humans before. We buy our food in the supermarkets as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. It seems unbelievable that the first European supermarket only opened up in England in the middle of the last century!

Although several decades seem like an awful long time, it is in fact just a blink of a moment when considered from the perspective of human existence on Earth.

Regardless, the fact whether we buy our foods in the supermarkets, thrive on processed food, or believe to eat healthy by being vegetarians, vegans, or whatever else, our collective eating habits are just a recent fashion trend, an evolutionary experiment run by a crowd without much theoretical knowledge, without proper controls, and without a person in charge.

My two cents.

What to eat and what to avoid to achieve maximal fertility:

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