The best exercises for women who are trying to conceive: Interview with Sia Cooper from Diary of a Fit Mommy

I was glad when Sia Cooper, founder and owner of Diary of a Fit Mommy connected with me and showed interest in my blog. I knew immediately that I wanted to talk to her more, because Sia is an expert in a topic which I will address more in the future: how to best prepare your body for pregnancy and giving birth.  Sia Cooper is a personal trainer, a proud mama of two young children, and [...]

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You’ll love me for this list: Fertility-related products I’ve been using for years

Instead of buying tons of Christmas presents and stuff no one really needs, this year you may want to get a few things that actually can help to get and to stay pregnant. And for good luck, maybe even one or two items you will immediately need after the baby is there. Regardless of whether you just started working on your baby project, or you’ve been struggling for a while, I’d have a few recommendations to [...]

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Hiring a doula and why I loved having mine

Looking back, hiring a doula for my second birth was one the best decisions of my life. Or should I say, NOT hiring a doula for my first labor was one of the most stupid things I ever did. But no one told me I should hire a doula. No one ever mentioned that having a female support can mean a world of difference. No one told me what doulas really [...]

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One summer post: Beautiful poem on being a woman

Image courtesy: hyena reality by As I opened my Facebook the other day, nothing, really nothing hinted that I would soon find the best poem on womanhood and fertility I read in my whole life. The strange thing was that it was posted by a man - a British friend of ours who wrote several books and obviously has a talent to recognize the right words when he comes across them. The poem was written by [...]

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Should you see an Ob-Gyn (gynecologist) or RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to test ovarian reserve? Common confusions you need to be aware of

How is a woman's fertility tested? Women are born with one to two million eggs. Every day of her life a woman keeps losing eggs—approximately 1,000 each month. Some women are born with fewer eggs and some lose their eggs at a faster rate (there are genetic factors behind this). As women age, various kinds of damage (e.g., genetic mutations and deletions) accumulate in the energy-producing system within their eggs (mitochondria), making them less functional [...]

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Which supplements support male fertility? It depends on different things and here is how you can decide

  Ever since I started this blog about three years ago, women have asked me why I blog only about female fertility? I always said how I believe it's important to focus on the topic you feel most passionate about. This is because it takes time to read scientific studies, understand and compare data, and put them in a form that most people would understand. Female fertility, especially for women over 35, is a complex [...]

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