You’ll love me for this list: Fertility-related products I’ve been using for years

Instead of buying tons of Christmas presents and stuff no one really needs, this year you may want to get a few things that actually can help to get and to stay pregnant. And for good luck, maybe even one or two items you will immediately need after the baby is there. Regardless of whether you just started working on your baby project, or you’ve been struggling for a while, I’d have a few recommendations to [...]

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Should you take Maca root extract to improve egg quality?

Maca is available as a dietary supplement in the form of a powder, liquid, capsule, and tablets. The usual dosage for increasing fertility in women is 500 milligrams of dried maca extract taken 3 times a day.

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Is it possible to increase AMH levels?

Image credit: hadkhanong at AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) is a hormone secreted in the granulosa cells (satellite cells which surround eggs) and its robustness and stability throughout the cycle makes it the most important parameter in terms of predicting ovarian reserve. A simple blood test taken on any day of the cycle will give you this important information (best is at day 3 because you can measure several more hormones at this point). [...]

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Which CoQ10 is best for fertility and why?

Thanks to many awesome professional fertility websites and personal blogs which have exploded in numbers over the past years (several thousand fertility blogs as I'm updating this post in 2017), women over 35 who are struggling to get pregnant now know with confidence that: 1. Egg quality and quantity is THE single most limiting factor in getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby in women over 35. 2. There are lifestyle interventions that are proven [...]

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You would like to write me an email? Here is how to do it

You'd like to get my opinion on your fertility situation? On days in which my inbox becomes overloaded with messages that are just too many to cope with, I may trash them all except for the emails coming from women who need help. I can't recall ever ignoring an email from a woman in need or intentionally not answering an urgent question. Because that's why I bother having a blog like this: it gives me [...]

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5 reasons to NOT wait for one year before visiting a fertility doctor

Photo: Shutterstock Looking back from this perspective, not waiting to see a doctor was one of the best things that happened to me when I was first trying to get pregnant seven years ago. I had such an urge to talk to someone who would understand me that I lied to my doctor that I was trying to get pregnant for about a year already (in reality, it was less then two months). I wrote [...]

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CoQ10: ubiquinone or ubiquinol to improve egg quality?

Image courtesy: annat ticker at How does CoQ10 help egg quality? Should I use ubiquinone or ubiqunol? These are probably the most common questions I get in the emails from my readers. But let's start from the beginning: Most women ignore the ticking of their biological clocks. To them I say, don't do it, or at least don't expect me to support it. Because the ticking of the clock goes on relentlessly throughout [...]

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What I wish I knew about my eggs and my fertility when I was younger

Image courtesy: adamr at I was 35, when I first tried to get pregnant. I felt awesome at the time, my career was blossoming, my partner was the right one. For the first time in my life, nothing serious stood in the way of me finally becoming a mother. Periods continued coming as usual; not only that I was not getting pregnant, but my cycle actually shortened and gave me the feeling of my uterus [...]

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