Am I infertile? This is how you can tell

Getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby seems like the most natural thing in the world. And yet sometimes it doesn’t happen. Some women will conceive the moment they first try (or even with no planning at all) while some will wait for months and years to experience this joy. Wouldn’t it be good to know to which group you will belong? To know whether there might be any troubles coming up on [...]

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IUI – How many times should you try before giving up?

Once I coached a 41-year old woman who has gone through nineteen unsuccessful insemination rounds. Yes, nineteen, and nobody told her it was time to stop. She reasoned that, if pregnancy rates are estimated at 10-15 % per insemination cycle, the only thing she has to do, is try hard enough before she gets pregnant. But this is not how inseminations work. That's why I decided to dedicate a post to this topic. Image [...]

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I was an interview guest: Darja Wagner talks ovarian reserve and improving egg quality for women over 30

This article appeared in a blog by Alanna Lawley  two weeks ago.  Some weeks ago, Alanna and I sat together and talked about infertility, love and relationships, and the importance of women understanding their egg health. I also gave some practical tips related to determining the ovarian reserve and coping with infertility.  Photos by Petra Graf Introduction: It’s well-known and accepted that most scientific advances take two decades at least to progress from [...]

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Gluten sensitivity and infertility

Image courtesy of Kelli Wong Photography at Stomachs of some genetically susceptible people just can't stand gluten. After such individuals eat gluten (a protein hard to avoid as it's contained in wheat, barley and rye), they develop all kinds of gastrointestinal problems, but also other manifestations, such as joint pain, fatigue, depression, and infertility. As the matter of fact, bodies of some pe0ple become so disturbed by gluten,  that they develop celiac disease [...]

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Diagnosed with low ovarian reserve? A little story about how this blog started.

Image courtesy: jscreationzs at Getting pregnant always looked like something that happens easily, so I've spent decades believing that (and doing everything possible to make it not happen). When I only think of all the sex I did not enjoy because I was subconsciously busy calculating my fertile days and obsessing about condoms not being safe enough... The moment I started trying to get pregnant, everything went wrong. I will never forget [...]

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Why women will NEVER talk about not being able to get pregnant with ease

Image courtesy: stock image at About sixteen percent of couples between 20-43 struggle with infertility. If you are older then 35, your chances rise to about 1:3 that you will experience delays in getting pregnant. Over twenty percent of pregnancies of women over 35 end in miscarriage due to diminished egg quality. How many women calculate for this time when they plan to get pregnant after 35? I certainly didn't calculate with it and when [...]

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Wish to get pregnant faster? Eat mediterranean diet!

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap at Countless women of 35 and above worry about how to get pregnant faster. When biological clock starts ticking its last years, women have no choice but to wish to have a first baby quickly, then wait a short time between pregnancies and complete their family as soon as possible. I know that because I've been there myself.   What foods to eat to become more fertile? To help [...]

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