IUI – How many times should you try before giving up?

Once I coached a 41-year old woman who has gone through nineteen unsuccessful insemination rounds. Yes, nineteen, and nobody told her it was time to stop. She reasoned that, if pregnancy rates are estimated at 10-15 % per insemination cycle, the only thing she has to do, is try hard enough before she gets pregnant. But this is not how inseminations work. That's why I decided to dedicate a post to this topic. Image [...]

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What are cycle buddies and fertility friends and why you should have one

Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net If you're going through a fertility treatment, most likely you don't get to talk about it very much. Because infertility is still a taboo topic and in my opinion that will not significantly change at any point soon. If the only person you discuss your TTC struggle with is your partner, then you should find at least one more human being in a situation similar to yours [...]

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Expert interview : How egg donation works in real life

Dr. Elizabet Clua Dr. Elisabeth Clua has blue eyes and blonde hair. One could easily think she looks like a typical German doctor. Only that she is not. Elisabeth is Spanish and a leading expert in reproductive biology. Her daily job is egg donation or, more precisely, matching donated eggs (from healthy, young women) with their recipients (older, infertile women). In even more simple terms, Elisabeth identifies the “right” biological mothers for couples [...]

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The dream of having twins: What are the risks and what an IVF expert from a top fertility clinic told me

We've discussed in the last post how many women, especially those older than 35 or undergoing IVF treatments, wish to get pregnant with twins and I promised to further elaborate on that. Is it possible to boost chances of having twins? There are, indeed, ways of increasing the chance to conceive with twins: by certain lifestyle interventions and/or by artificial reproductive technologies. But, before you take advantage of either approach (and they possibly kick in, [...]

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Why do women over 35 often wish to have twins? Which practices are used to increase the chances of having twins?

Some years back while I was trying to get pregnant with my first child, I participated in Qi-Gong classes with a group of women who dealt with infertility. Once a week after our Qi-Gong session, we would go out for a drink afterwards and update each other on the progress of our fertility journeys. I remember I once said how I would welcome to get pregnant with twins. I'm a biologist and fascinated by the phenomenon [...]

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My week at Dexeus, one of the top fertility-clinics in Europe

My mother was born here. I was born here. My two daughters were born here, says Sofia Veiga, international manager at the Dexeus Clinic for Women's Health with lots of emotion in her voice. This is how people normally talk about dear places from their childhood, but rarely about a university clinic, right? But Dexeus, in Barcelona, is an exception. About a year ago, I met several of Dexeus co-workers at a conference in Germany. We [...]

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In a conversation with two egg donation experts

  Dexeus is known for the first egg donation in 1981. A few months back, I was lucky to meet several dedicated doctors and biologists from Dexeus clinic in Barcelona at a conference for Reproductive Medicine in Germany. I used this opportunity to make an interview with the two specialists and forward questions to them that women from my blog often ask me during our counseling sessions. I love talking with experts [...]

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Aspirin and heparin to help implantation: Yes or No?

Image credit: atibodyphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net The moment a woman has one or two unsuccessful series of  IVF behind her, she becomes ready to do anything, really anything to make the next IVF cycle work. Many of the women I talk to have a long history of fertility treatments, so the question that often comes up is whether taking a low dose of aspirin (so called baby-aspirin) from embryotransfer onwards - until the positive [...]

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