One summer post: Beautiful poem on being a woman

Image courtesy: hyena reality by As I opened my Facebook the other day, nothing, really nothing hinted that I would soon find the best poem on womanhood and fertility I read in my whole life. The strange thing was that it was posted by a man - a British friend of ours who wrote several books and obviously has a talent to recognize the right words when he comes across them. The poem was written by [...]

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Can probiotics increase your fertility? Very likely.

Today, I would like to only quickly address one issue I wrote about a few years ago, but only now we start to see more articles addressing one important issue: Conception and our gut bacteria. A quick reminder to start with: Gut bacteria (often called gut microbiome) are not only very important for digestion, they are also many; around 2kg of bacteria we carry around in our gut. It is estimated that our guts have tens of trillions bacteria, with [...]

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Nutrition and adrenal health: Here’s what Nicole from Healthy Mom Handbook says about it

Most all expectant women want a healthy baby, unfortunately there isn’t enough information out there on how important mom’s adrenal health is prior to and during pregnancy. Lowered adrenal function and adrenal fatigue are ubiquitous today among men and women, especially pregnant women. If a mother is experiencing adrenal fatigue she will birth babies with weakened adrenals, which means they are born immunocompromised and more prone to infections. Adrenal dysfunction can cause preeclampsia, high blood pressure [...]

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