One summer post: Beautiful poem on being a woman

Image courtesy: hyena reality by As I opened my Facebook the other day, nothing, really nothing hinted that I would soon find the best poem on womanhood and fertility I read in my whole life. The strange thing was that it was posted by a man - a British friend of ours who wrote several books and obviously has a talent to recognize the right words when he comes across them. The poem was written by [...]

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Massage: Does it help women to get pregnant faster?

Image courtesy: praisaeng at In terms of increasing fertility in women who are trying to get pregnant, three types of massage are usually discussed: Western massage is the classic kind of massage, which focuses on kneading the muscles. Thai massage generally applies focused pressure on the body. There are many subforms, such as traditional Thai, hot stone, and deep tissue massage, or Reiki energy healing. During a Western massage, the patient remains relatively [...]

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Is there a reason to use acupuncture when trying to get pregnant?

 Acupuncture comes from Oriental medicine, which is all about achieving and maintaining balance. When we are in balance or in flow, as Westerners prefer to say, our organs work well and are synchronized with each other, our sleep is restful, we are resilient, recover easily from injury, and our reproductive capacity is at its best. When balance becomes disturbed, it gives rise to symptoms, including reduced fertility. Acupuncture should bring the body into balance, which [...]

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