Melatonin helps improve egg quality? A review of recent evidence

Melatonin helps improve egg quality in IVF: Recent evidence Many women undergoing IVF often take melatonin in addition to other supplements, in a hope to improve egg quality before the treatment. In my counselling sessions, I was asked several times how much melatonin should be taken given that doctors seem to recommend anything between 300 µg and 10 mg?! I know research evidence which clearly showed several years back that melatonin can work synergistically in [...]

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How to survive 2-week wait? Get smarter during that time.

Image credit: kangshooters at When you are trying to get pregnant, you become impatient to see a positive test result. But how to cut anxiety and survive the 2-week waiting time? Wou can shorten waiting time before taking a pregnancy test by: 1) searching for information, 2) searching for emotional support, and 3) doing a few more extras. Online is often a wonderful places to be while waiting in anticipation. Internet forums are [...]

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