Melatonin helps improve egg quality? A review of recent evidence

Melatonin helps improve egg quality in IVF: Recent evidence Many women undergoing IVF often take melatonin in addition to other supplements, in a hope to improve egg quality before the treatment. In my counselling sessions, I was asked several times how much melatonin should be taken given that doctors seem to recommend anything between 300 µg and 10 mg?! I know research evidence which clearly showed several years back that melatonin can work synergistically in [...]

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New studies about mediterranean diet plus a few more nutrition tips

Image courtesy Keko64 at One simple lifestyle intervention you may want to consider while trying to get pregnant is eating Mediterranean diet. Although the ultimate mechanism behind why Mediterranean diet works needs yet to be determined (please see the original studies below), preliminary data clearly show that couples eating diets high in whole grains, fish fruits and vegetables had far less trouble getting pregnant. Mediterranean diet to increase fertility I already wrote about benefits [...]

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