I was an interview guest: Darja Wagner talks ovarian reserve and improving egg quality for women over 30

This article appeared in a blog by Alanna Lawley  two weeks ago.  Some weeks ago, Alanna and I sat together and talked about infertility, love and relationships, and the importance of women understanding their egg health. I also gave some practical tips related to determining the ovarian reserve and coping with infertility.  Photos by Petra Graf Introduction: It’s well-known and accepted that most scientific advances take two decades at least to progress from [...]

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Extra-weight does decrease your chances of getting pregnant

Image courtesy: marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net I will start this post by telling a little secret. In my counseling sessions, I sometimes insist on having video chats on Skype, for the reason that I like to see the women I'm talking to. Why do I need to see them? Because even when they're directly asked, women will not really admit their extra weight, and we can spend a lot of time discussing where things can [...]

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What I would tell my daughter when she gets her first period

Young women are often poorly informed about the impact of age on fertility and there is hardly anything new about that. But, if you now think I am talking only about being aware that one-third of women over 35 are not able to get pregnant as easily as ladies who are ten or more years younger - that's not what I mean. There are many more facets to not having the right information on fertility. [...]

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What I wish I knew about my eggs and my fertility when I was younger

Image courtesy: adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net I was 35, when I first tried to get pregnant. I felt awesome at the time, my career was blossoming, my partner was the right one. For the first time in my life, nothing serious stood in the way of me finally becoming a mother. Periods continued coming as usual; not only that I was not getting pregnant, but my cycle actually shortened and gave me the feeling of my uterus [...]

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