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On days in which my inbox becomes overloaded with messages that are just too many to cope with, I may trash them all except for the emails coming from women who need help. I can’t recall ever ignoring an email from a woman in need or intentionally not answering an urgent question.

Because that’s why I bother having a blog like this: it gives me a great feeling to provide the important information to those who are in need of having it.

Another thing that I love about your emails is that they positively challenge me – you guys really force me to think a lot and learn new things almost every day. Your fertility journeys are so amazingly different from each other that I’m often confronted by questions that require quite a lot of thinking, connecting, and researching through biomedical journals.

Almost in every single email I get, you ask me to give solutions to the questions that bother you for a long time, to which your doctors did not know an answer etc. And I don’t leave you alone.


Answering your email means a time investment for me. I have a life and a work going on, just like you. So please show me that you appreciate my time by making a donation and supporting my totally add- free and knowledge-based website.

It’s really easy to make a donation and I even let you decide yourself on how much to give (since most of you want a hint, let me tell you that most ladies feel comfortable with donating anything between $70-$150).



Why I don’t set a fix price?

Because I don’t want to exclude anyone from getting an advice based on her geographic location or social status. Please help me stay with this decision.

So go ahead, tell me what bothers you and I will try as much as I can to help you target your diet, vitamin supplements, or whatever else as to best fit your individual fertility journey.

One more thing: when you write me an email, please always provide me with as much information as possible (age, hormonal values, any important details of your fertility journey from the past).

I look forward to hear from you!





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About the Author:

Darja Wagner, a PhD cell biologist combines her knowledge of cells, hormones and vitamins to help women with infertility issues. She is the author of the blog "All About Egg Health: How to Get Pregnant After 35". Darja helps women to apply latest advances in reproductive biology to maximize egg quality for higher chances of conception, in either a natural way or by means of assisted reproductive technology.