About Ana who pissed me off (but then got pregnant anyway)

supplements to get pregnant fastAna (the name changed) is one of the readers of my blog who managed to get pregnant by changing her diet and taking supplements to improve egg quality.

What makes Ana special is that at our first contact she managed to really piss me off.

Her first email to me went like this:

I have found your blog on the Internet and I have been reading it nonstop for 2 days. It is very interesting and enriching, thanks a lot for this information! I just turned 37. We have started to try to get pregnant like 7 months ago and then I had a chemical pregnancy. So, before trying any advanced methods and going for medical checks, I would like to fine tune my lifestyle and nutrition and see if I get more luck.

So I was thinking, why don’t you just go ahead? Why are you writing to me?

Buy my e-book and start improving egg quality.

Or book a consultation with me if you are unsure what to do.

Or search the Internet and swallow a ton of supplements and then come and ask me which ones you should have avoided in the first place.

But I am not good at being unkind even if when I get dozens of irrelevant emails a day that only distract me from my regular work.

So I said hello to Ana and even sent her a review-copy of my book for free. The only little favor I asked for was to leave a short anonymous review after reading, whether she liked my e-book, or not.

After a couple of days, another email came from Ana.

I have read your book, thank you very much for for the copy! I am still trying to conceive and I was planning to write a review as soon as I get pregnant because even if I find all the tips as very interesting, I do not know yet if they are efficient.

I have done all the possible tests and there is nothing wrong with our health as far as doctors say, so I am counting on supplements and nutrition. I promise to you that I will post a review as soon as I succeed 🙂 otherwise there is not enough evidence the method you proposed works. Let me know if it is fine with you?

If that’s fine with me?!

No, dear Ana, that’s not fine with me; honestly, I find your idea stupid.

Without even considering the facts that:

1) it took me two years of research to write the book,

2) the most important chapters have been examined by some of the world’s leading experts and

3) I pushed myself so hard with that project that I ended up in the hospital with the first step of blood poisoning,

I find it in generally not OK when people just take and don’t give anything back!

You’ve read my book dear Ana and are now changing your life according to my recommendations. So how on Earth can it be OK to not thank to me even by writing 1-2 anonymous sentences, so that other women know what to expect?

I of course did not tell her that.

Instead, I just tried to forget Ana. And I succeeded in this. As her next email came this morning, I truly couldn’t remember who she was.

Hello dear Darja, I have posted my review for your book on Amazon. I really hope more people read your blog and take proper nutrition in order to have a healthy baby! I am 15 weeks pregnant now and according to doctors the pregnancy is going well. Thank you very much for your book and your kind support!

Well, thank you, Ana, I’m happy for you!

(So here is what Ana finally wrote on Amazon):

I have found this book after 6 months of unsuccessful trying to make the second baby. I am 37 and my husband is 42. Doctors could not find any obvious reasons why it did not work for us and advised us on keeping trying. Me and my husband immediately started taking the supplements following Dr. Wagner’s recommendations. For my husband it definitely worked well because we did the sperm quality test before and after taking the supplements and it improved quite significantly.

For me it is hard to judge if it was only the supplementation regime that worked, but I fell pregnant after three months and now I am in my fourth month of pregnancy. I did not have any nausea or cramps during the first trimester, and again, it is hard to say what worked, but I tend to believe that supplementation helped me to prepare my body for the pregnancy.

I also took Progesterone pills for 6 months, I think it helped the implantation process as well, even if I guess this is not mentioned in the book, but it was advised by my doctor. I think the book gives very good advises on general health, and if you do not have any specific medical issues, could be very helpful on the way to a healthy pregnancy.

Well, Ana, congratulations to your pregnancy! Take care of the new life inside your tummy!


If you’re reading this and feel you’d like to ask me a question related to your fertility present or past, please contact me as described here and we’ll set a Skype-appointment.


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