Legs up after intercourse: will it increase the chance of conceiving?

Legs up after intercourse: will it increase the chance of conceiving? Photo credit: stockimage at FreeDigitalPhotos.net In virtually every corner of the world people believe that a special positioning during intercourse will improve the chances of getting pregnant or even affect the sex of the child. I still remember a joke I once heard in Bosnia about a man who desperately wanted a son after having four daughters and his wife telling him [...]

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Menstrual pain sucks. Luckily, there are things that help. Here’s one.

(In cooperation with PharmaNord) In this article from a few weeks ago I wrote about how women all over the world hate having periods and we've discussed the reasons why women bleed every month. Today, I would like us to look at one insightful study I recently found on the topic of menstrual discomfort, and also mention a few things that are scientifically proven to help. Menstrual pain is caused by hormones called prostaglandins. The most [...]

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Conceive faster with the Mediterranean diet

Conceive faster with the Mediterranean diet Image credit: apolonia at FreeDigitalPhotos.net There are some pretty crazy ideas out there in the world, such as if you sleep with a knife under your mattress you’ll have a boy child. Utterly ridiculous but people in some cultures do it. Also the doggy style position is recommended to couples who wish to conceive a boy (which is probably equally crazy, but at least not so dangerous to try). There [...]

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