Gluten sensitivity and infertility

Gluten sensitivity and infertility Image courtesy of Kelli Wong Photography at Stomachs of some genetically susceptible people just can't stand gluten. After such individuals eat gluten (a protein hard to avoid as it's contained in wheat, barley and rye), they develop all kinds of gastrointestinal problems, but also other manifestations, such as joint pain, fatigue, depression, and infertility. As the matter of fact, bodies of some pe0ple become so disturbed by gluten,  that [...]

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Extra-weight does decrease your chances of getting pregnant

  Image courtesy: marin at I will start this post by telling a little secret. In my counseling sessions, I sometimes insist on having video chats on Skype, for the reason that I like to see the women I'm talking to. Why do I need to see them? Because even when they're directly asked, women will not really admit their extra weight, and we can spend a lot of time discussing where things [...]

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