Why are healthy snacks so difficult to find?

Why are healthy snacks so difficult to find? As I walked through a nearby park this morning, I had the impression of seeing only two kinds of people: either very fit ones who were typically jogging and working on becoming even skinnier, or obese ones, simply passing through the park. This reminded me that the holiday season is about to begin and that soon, I will be making efforts every day to not gain weight around [...]

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Extra-weight does decrease your chances of getting pregnant

  Image courtesy: marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net I will start this post by telling a little secret. In my counseling sessions, I sometimes insist on having video chats on Skype, for the reason that I like to see the women I'm talking to. Why do I need to see them? Because even when they're directly asked, women will not really admit their extra weight, and we can spend a lot of time discussing where things [...]

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