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Dear ladies, thank you very much for your letters, questions and support. Each one of your voices and your comments over the past years has helped me to build a better website. For that I am very grateful.

Thank you for the many positive reviews of my book and blog, and for giving me the feeling of having done something useful and important. And thank you for letting me have a glimpse of many of your fertility journeys and asking for my opinion; I felt honoured every single time.

Another thing that I love about your emails is that they positively challenge me – you guys really force me to think a lot and learn new things almost every day. Your fertility journeys are so amazingly different from each other that I’m often confronted by questions that require quite a lot of thinking, connecting, and researching through biomedical journals.

Almost in every single email I get, you ask me to give solutions to the questions that bother you for a long time, to which your doctors did not know an answer etc. And I don’t leave you alone.

BUT. Answering your mails means a time investment for me. I have a life and a work going on, just like you. So please show me that you appreciate my time by making a donation and supporting my totally add-free and knowledge-based website.


Update April 2020: Sorry ladies, coaching will be resumed as soon as we’re out of lockdown !! 


Get individualized fertility advice via Skype or email

It’s really easy to make a donation and I even let you decide yourself on how much to pay. Since most of you want a hint, let me tell you that most ladies feel comfortable with donating anything between $120-$150.

Why I don’t set a fix price?

Because I don’t want to exclude anyone from getting an advice based on her geographic location or social status.

Please help me stay with this decision.





So go ahead, tell me what bothers you and I will try as much as I can to help you target your diet, vitamin supplements,or do whatever else as to best fit your individual fertility journey.

My email: darja.wagner@googlemail.com

Important: When you write me an email, please always provide as much information as possible: age, hormonal values/lab reports (a simple photo will do).


To keep your expectations within reason, here is a summary of what I can do:
  • Tell you how to improve chances to get pregnant naturally.
  • Tell you how to improve your chances to get pregnant with IVF – which interventions in your lifestyle, diet, or supplementing strategy will help. The type of counselling I’m doing is ideal as a second/complementary opinion if you are in fertility treatments (started or planning).
  • Help you tailor your supplement list and/or develop supplementing strategy, based on your personal hormonal profile (women LOVE this because it’s saving a ton of time and helps a lot – please read here what my clients say about the process)

Fertility coach – my qualifications and the next steps

I have a Ph.D. in adult stem cell biology, lots of personal experience in dealing with infertility, and years of extensive research of this topic. My book How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant is a  Kindle-bestseller. All the topics discussed in the book and all the recent scientific research from the field of improving egg quality can be applied to your individual situation.

What I can’t do: as mentioned over on the website and in the Discaimer, I am not entitled to give medical advice. For all questions concerning diseases, medications, dosages etc. you must consult a medical specialist.

When you write to me (darja.wagner@googlemail.com), please allow around one week for a response (though in most cases it won’t take longer than 3-4 days). Also specify if you wish to receive an email, or to meet me via Skype (also let me know your time zone).

I look forward to hear from you!