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Skilled molecular biologist with a doctorate in biochemistry and strong background in stem- and reproductive biology.

Author of the #1 rated e-book on Amazon based on my personal infertility journey: How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant.

Over ten years of laboratory experience in cell culture, including the IVF-Labor of the Dexeus Women’s Health (Barcelona, Spain).

Since 2014: Fertility coaching

Described in detailes here.

2012-2013: Founded Paleo-Mama: All About Egg Health

My blog was born out of my personal wish to help women of all ages to better understand their fertility and their reproductive choices.

On my blog you will find the information on all things ovarian reserve, facts related to infertility treatments not commonly discussed in mainstream media, and a lot of knowledge about lifestyle changes which are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on female fertility.

Workplaces/education before 2012:

2008 – 2011: Free University Berlin– Institute of Biochemistry/Charité – Postdoc research and teaching

2001 – 2007: Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich – Postdoc investigator

1999-2001: Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Clinic – PhD, biochemistry

1992-1999: University in Belgrade – Degree in Molecular biology and Physiology

1991-1992: Harborcreek Highschool, Erie, USA

My papers& publications – selection according to impact factor (please note my name before 2009 was Obradovic)

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3. McGrath J., Scragg R., Chant D., Eyles D., Burne T., Obradovic D.: No association between serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D3 level and performance on psychometric tests in NHANES III. (2007) Neuroepidemiology. (IF:2,2)
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6. Puccetti E., Obradovic D., Beissert T., Bianchini A., Washburn B., Chiaradonna F., Boehrer S., Hoelzer D., Ottmann OG, Pelicci PG, Nervi C., Ruthardt M.: AML-associated translocation products block vit.D3-induced differentiation by sequestering the vitamin D3 receptor. Cancer Research (2002) Dec 1;62(23):7050-8. (IF:7,5)
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