Dear ladies, thank you very much for your letters, questions and support. Each one of your voices and your comments over the past years has helped me to build a better website. For that I am very grateful. Thank you for the many positive reviews of my book, and for giving me the feeling of having done something useful and important. And thank you for letting me have a glimpse of many of your fertility journeys and asking for my opinion; I felt honoured every single time.

egg quality specialist consult fertility expertLately I’ve been getting a greater volume of emails than I can respond to. Therefore I want to propose the following:
Once a week, I will make myself available on Skype. At the end of every week, Fridays from 20h-22h, you can find me there and talk to me about whatever bothers you.

(NEW as of January 2016! Individual appointments are possible all weekdays in addition to the Friday session. Please continue reading and then send me an email to to schedule your own.)

My Skype name is darja.wagner1

Join in, introduce yourself, ask me whatever you like and I will do my best to help and hopefully bring you one small or big step forward to holding a baby in your arms. I especially like talking to tough cases – women who deal with reduced fertility and struggle with getting pregnant due to their age or compromised egg quality.

To keep your expectations within reason, here is a summary of what I understand well:

• How to improve chances to get pregnant naturally. Which interventions in your personal lifestyle, diet, or supplementing strategy would increase your chances to get pregnant.

• How to improve egg quality naturally. I have a Ph.D. in cell biology, lots of personal experience in dealing with infertility, and years of extensive research of this topic. My book How to Improve Egg Quality: The Smart Way to Get Pregnant is a  Kindle-bestseller. All the topics discussed in the book and all the recent scientific research from the field of improving egg quality can be applied to your individual situation.

• Topics such as those discussed all over the website.

What I can’t do: as mentioned over on the website and in the Discaimer, I am not entitled to give medical advice. For all questions concerning diseases, medications, dosages etc. you must consult a medical specialist.


How do I pay? You make a simple Pay-Pal donation as explained here. 

How much should I give?
You can decide yourself. Why?! Because I am serious about making my knowledge and experience available to everyone, regardless of whether you live in the US, Germany, or Tansania. Wishing but not being able to get pregnant hurts equally wherever you are (maybe even more in the places where women don’t have easy access to assisted reproductive technologies).

So you can decide: How important was the question to you? And getting an answer? At the same time, I wish to create an atmosphere in which I am positively challenged to give my best to every question which comes up along the way, with any woman who wishes to share her concerns with me.

Hints to the time difference between Europe and other countries:
20-22h where I live (Berlin) is 14-16h Eastern Standard Time (New York)
11-13h Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco)
19-21h Greenwich Mean Time (London)
06:30-08:30h Indian Time (morning the next day)
or please use the Time Converter here so you don’t miss the time spot!

talk about infertility, egg qualityOr would you prefer to send me an e-mail and get a detailed answer tailored to your fertility journey?

You can write to me as before at

Please provide as much data and numbers as possible (years, values etc). Providing you with the best possible answer may require additional research for me, so please allow at least one week for a response (though in most cases it won’t take longer than a few days).

Depending on the volume of work and my other projects, details to this offer may change, so please check this page before planning a consultation. I look forward talking to you!

Good luck and lots of baby dust to you,



  1. Thank you for the useful information. I live in south Africa. I am 40 years old. I just had a miscarriage, twins conceived via ivf. I’m so heart broken

    • oh, i am terribly sorry to hear that. i am very glad that you like my blog and find useful information there. you are welcome to join me on skype chat and talk whenever you feel ready. all the best, darja

  2. darja thank you for what you are doing for us ladies! it’s unfortunate that most of us come to know the détails about our reproductive systems when faced with the challages. your blog ss the best i have come across so far. i am 44 years with DOR. thank you once again from kenya

  3. hi just wondered if you can help. I had successful ivf 5 yrs ago and have recently found out I have low amh. I am taking DHEA coq10 vit d protein rich diet and my current ivf cycle has failed. Consultant said if it didn’t work this time it never will! I’m struggling to come to terms with that fact. please help xx

  4. Hello thank you for the detailed information made available.
    I am 44, and just recently had a failed IVF cycle. There were 7 follicles, 6 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilized, 3 made it to blastocyst stage, and then the PGS testing. All 3 had chromosomal abnormalities, which I was informed us due to egg quality. Just reading your blog makes me realize I could have and should have prepared more. Wish I knew.
    My next phase is to gather as much info as possible and pray for the best.
    I will be purchasing the book in preparation for this.
    Thank you for educating us 🙂

  5. Dear Darja, I sent you an e-mail describing my fertility journey and donated to your website. Thanks for your wonderful website, so helpful and cannot wait for your answer. Thank you. Sylwia

    • dear sylwia, i’ve sent you a long email with my thoughts to your current situation etc. please let me know in 3-4 months how you are doing.

    • well, i’m always glad to hear that it’s not only women reading my blog! just keep browsing around, i’m sure you’ll find a plenty of useful information. best wishes

  6. Hi Darja,

    I’m 47 and about to start IVF process. Although we have already committed some money , the end justifies the means. Kindly recommend Fertility Clinics in the US or elsewhere that have started the Egg Rejuvenation procedures. Thank you

  7. I am interested in meeting with you via phone to discuss options – 2 miscarriages 1 confirmed chromosomal issue and the other was too early to know why. We are trying for our 2nd baby – I am 42 will be 43 in May. Please contact me and let me know how we can best connect 1 on 1.

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