How eating paleo diet may help you get pregnant

paleo mediterranean get pregnant

Paleo and Mediterranean nutrition are good for fertility and general health

In short, “paleo” is translated from the Greek word, palaios, meaning “ancient” or “very old.”

As a nutritional style, it represents the entire food spectrum eaten by our ancestors throughout the Stone Age (this broad historic period lasted over 3 million years, compare that with last 150 years of industrial food revolution).

Basically, any food that you can fish, hunt, pick or dig out with a stick is probably a good Paleo meal. Paleo is a very simple, often raw food eating style, particularly well-suited for those who love meat.


How to eat Paleo to increase fertility and general health

Meat should only come from organically raised and pasture-fed animals living under conditions that match, as closely as possible, their natural environment. Even better would be to stick with wild game or fresh fish.

Vegetables can be eaten in all varieties, colors, and from all seasons, especially all rooted or stock vegetables, which are a great source of carbohydrates.

Fruits are also welcome, but only seasonal and in limited quantities. Sweets must be avoided, with rare exceptions, such as consuming honey. Honey too should come from a local bee-keeper if possible, because it then contains traces of pollen from plants growing in your neighborhood, which can help strengthen the immune system in women sensitive to allergies.


In Paleo nutrition, we are essentially talking about consuming a wide variety and countless animal and plant species and living closer to nature and seasons than with any other kind of diet.


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