Massage: Does it help women to get pregnant faster?

can massage help get pregnant

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In terms of increasing fertility in women who are trying to get pregnant, three types of massage are usually discussed:

  1. Western massage is the classic kind of massage, which focuses on kneading the muscles.
  2. Thai massage generally applies focused pressure on the body. There are many subforms, such as traditional Thai, hot stone, and deep tissue massage, or Reiki energy healing. During a Western massage, the patient remains relatively passive, whereas Thai massage tends to be more interactive. There is more communication going on with the practitioner and he or she sometimes assists in various movements to increase range of motion and extend the effects.
  3. Fertility massage is focused on the ovaries and lower abdomen. Often performed in the days prior to ovulation, either spontaneous or medication-induced (by the way, do you know how to determine ovulation?). Fertility massage is my personal favorite because it has the strongest scientific support as I explain here compared with other sorts of massage. It’s easy to perform, either with the practitioner in the privacy of your own home (in this post, I explain how my favorite place for fertility massage was the sauna at my gym).

Gentle massage can help release tensions, emotions, and stress, either real or subconscious.

It sometimes happens to me that during the massage I unwillingly start to cry or get into a mood unrelated to whatever was going on previously that day. Or I start to see pictures—quick flashes related to happenings in the past—which I considered gone and forgotten a long time ago.

Massage can help maintain general health, as well as significantly reduce stress and increase blood flow. It also relieves muscle tension, improves flexibility, and increases energy. If done right, massage may help with digestion, the elimination of toxins from the body, and facilitate blood flow to the ovaries, which is probably most important in terms of affecting egg maturation and ovulation.

We are genetically programmed to be afraid of blood or even thinking about it. This is sometimes a pity, as blood means life, food, and air for every cell in the body. So instead of imagining blood, you can take a deep breath and visualize waves of positive energy reaching your ovaries.

Imagine your eggs waking up and try to connect with them and send them love. I don’t know how eggs sense this, but am sure they do.

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